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Ignite Your Potential, Redefine Your Reality!


Enter a new era of well-being with Lumaflex Essential – your ticket to a recharged, invigorated and pain-free life. Harness the extraordinary capabilities that differentiate Lumaflex Essential from ordinary red light therapy and power your way to the best version of yourself.

Targeted Red Light Wavelengths for Maximum Effect

Perfect red light wavelengths penetrate deep, stimulating cellular activity for natural healing responses.

Effective Pain Management & Joint Relief

Bid farewell to persistent pain and joint discomfort with targeted red and infrared light therapy.

Improved Blood Circulation & Vitality

Revitalize your body with enhanced blood circulation, banishing fatigue for boundless energy.

Accelerated Injury Recovery

Speed up recovery with natural, non-invasive healing through red and infrared light therapy.

Faster Muscle Growth

Turbocharge your fitness journey for quicker muscle building and better performance.

FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device

Trust in excellence. Lumaflex Essential is an FDA cleared Class II medical device, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Natural All-in-One Solution

Simplify your wellness routine with one device offering multiple benefits – pain relief, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Non-invasive Natural Healing

Rejuvenate with red & infrared light, tapping into the science of red light therapy for everyday natural healing.

Convenient, On-the-Go Treatments in Just 10 Minutes

No time to spare? No problem. Prioritize your well-being on the go with quick 10-minute treatments.

Designed for Your Body

Prioritize hygiene and user-friendliness. Lumaflex Essential is meticulously designed to provide a seamless and effective wellness experience.

"Lumaflex is a game-changer! It's incredible how it enhances performance and accelerates recovery. I absolutely love it!"

Jessica - Professional Runner

Red light therapy takes so little time, to save you SO much time later

YAS - Sensual Bachata

Lumaflex is freakin' awesome! Seriously, it's like magic for my workouts. Loving every second of it!"

John - CompetiveBodybuilder

By Embracing the power of Lumaflex tech, lt's like unlocking a whole new world of possibilities!

Jaz - Muay Thai fighter

Lumaflex is a game-changer! It's given me that extra edge in the gym. You gotta try it

Levi - kickboxer

Lumaflex has transformed my fitness journey! I'm amazed by the results. Thank you, Lumaflex!

Emily - Yoga Coach

Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Jasper D.
It's smaller than I thought

Smaller than I expected.

Quincy Z.
Works great

Good size and feel like it’s very effective

Margaret W.
Works great

We're very happy with the red light wrap. It's easy to use in a variety of locations, knee, stomach, neck, etc. I especially like that it has a flashing option which has been shown to be better for helping the cells.Our power cord broke and I contacted the company to see if they could just send us a replacement cord and they sent us a whole new unit!Great product and great customer service!

Wilfred I.
Best infrared pad yet

I purchased another more expensive brand of infrared pad in July of 2018. I work great until this winter when the power cord quit working. Read many reviews before deciding on this one. I'm glad I chose this one. Love the timer, ability to change the intensity and size of this pad. The most intense setting feels warmer than the old pad ever did.I've been using it a couple of times per day on a 41 year old knee injury and the knee is feeling better every day.

Kenneth W.
Helped me so much 😊

Really helped