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Unlock Your Best Self with Lumaflex Revolutionary wellness experience that beats expectations. Lumaflex is more than a device. It is your partner in redefining wellness. Time for the extraordinary - living life where pain is over, energy is boundless, and recovery is celebration. Let Lumaflex Body Pro bring out the best of your health and greatness within you.

Pain-Free Living

Effective Pain Management & Joint Relief: Lumaflex Body Pro is your natural remedy for pain and joint discomfort. Revel in the freedom of movement and the joy of pain-free lifestyle.

Peace of Mind

2-year Warranty: We provide a 2-year warranty so you can worry less and focus more on your healing and well-being.

Medical-Grade Assurance

FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device: Trust Lumaflex Body Pro's professional-grade standards for safe, effective treatment.

Muscle Mastery Unleashed

Faster Muscle Growth: Elevate your fitness journey with accelerated muscle growth.

Revitalize Your Energy

Boost Energy Levels: Ignite vitality and power up for a life of peak performance.

Swift Recovery Solutions

Accelerate Injury Recovery: Tailor your recovery to your dynamic lifestyle with a faster, more efficient process.

Non-invasive Natural Healing

Natural Non-Invasive Healing: Immerse yourself in the red light therapy - a gentle yet powerful healing solution.

Professional Care at Home

Professional At-Home Treatment: Bring the expertise of professional treatment to your doorstep, and transform your space into a wellness sanctuary.

Resilient Wellness Partner

Waterproof and Sweatproof: Defy limitations with Lumaflex Body Pro's resilient design, crafted to withstand sweat and environmental challenges.

All-in-One Wellness Marvel

Natural All-in-One Solution: Simplify your wellness routine with Lumaflex Body Pro - a comprehensive solution for diverse health needs.

"Lumaflex is a game-changer! It's incredible how it enhances performance and accelerates recovery. I absolutely love it!"

Jessica - Professional Runner

Red light therapy takes so little time, to save you SO much time later

YAS - Sensual Bachata

Lumaflex is freakin' awesome! Seriously, it's like magic for my workouts. Loving every second of it!"

John - Competitive Bodybuilder

By Embracing the power of Lumaflex tech, lt's like unlocking a whole new world of possibilities!

Jaz - Muay Thai fighter

Lumaflex is a game-changer! It's given me that extra edge in the gym. You gotta try it

Levi - kickboxer

Lumaflex has transformed my fitness journey! I'm amazed by the results. Thank you, Lumaflex!

Emily - Yoga Coach

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Rosalind T.
Great value

Everything works as described. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. I’ve used it 10 times already.

Sterling D.
Relieves pain

The belt has red light therapy/near infrared and vibration and all help to relieve pain. In my case. I use it on my upper back for muscle pain after workouts and I recover much faster. Mine initially had an issue with the battery needing to be charged after every use. I contacted customer service about it within 30 days and they surprised me by replacing with a new belt and battery! Customer service is excellent so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Barbara K.
So far, so good

I bought this for pain relief in my recently sprained left hand where rest and ice seem to be the only medicine. I've used this device a few times a day over the past couple of days and find the pain has significantly lessened

George F.
This is a great product

I like being able to move around while I'm using it. Heat and vibration an added bonus. Very satisfied with this product.

Lisa P.
A must have

I got a smaller red light therapy pad in Feb while was in rehap from a broken ankle and knee, it helped with the pain as pain pills don’t help,it helped with swelling, I really belive it helped me to walk sooner,I loaned to my daughter, and of course she forgot where it came from. So u got a big one, big enough for my hip,the company I got these from will be the only company I will deal with red light therapy’s,if not happy they make it right.. I have been telling everybody about these pads, they are well worth the money.